2019 River Walk Kids and Nature Storytime Series: Buzzing isn't just for Honey Bees!

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9am-1pm at Great Barrington Farmer Market

Meet at the kids tent to sing and share poems and stories together as we explore the diverse world of native pollinators.

Our activities will include the construction of Mason Bee homes that can be brought home as well as a larger mason bee home for placement on River Walk. Throughout the day, kids and their families can then enjoy a self-guided Story Trail focused on Pollinators on River Walk.

Thank you to our event sponsors: The Great Barrington Agricultural Committee and

Featured Activity: Kids will be making mason bee homes to take home! Mason bees pollinate but don’t sting, so they are great to make homes for. With our bee decline, making a bee habitat is a great project!

Featured Books: 

The Bumble Bee Queen by April Pulley

Bees, Bugs and Butterflies: A family Guide to our Garden Heroes and Helpers by Ben Raskin

Insect Pollinators by Jennifer Boothroyd

The Bumble Bee Queen

Bees Bugs and Butterflies Insect Polinators


oths, bees, beetles - many polinators are supported by the diverse habitat at River Walk