Volunteer with BEAT to help Amphibians crossing !

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Spring is coming and the amphibians need a hand. BEAT is looking to organize four amphibian crossing guard teams up and down the county. Do you like spending time with adorable animals and pretty decent people? How about appreciating the liminal beauty of early spring nights? Then you should be an amphibian crossing guard! Check out our call to action below and email elia@thebeatnews.org to volunteer.  


BEAT is seeking hardy volunteers to help us organize and run amphibian crossing guards. You will be asked to spend 3 or 4 evenings/nights in the cold rain this late March or early-mid April recording frogs and salamanders as you help them cross the road. We are trying to run four teams, one in Great Barrington, one in West Stockbridge, one in Pittsfield, and one in Williamstown. Teams will go through a brief training and be required to supply their own gear including rain jackets and bright flashlights. BEAT will supply the hi-vis reflective vests, data sheets, and maps. If you are interested, please contact Elia at elia@thebeatnews.org.  

Be a volunteer for BEAT and rescue local amphibians in Berkshire County