Eagle Scouts Rebuild Wattle Fence at River Walk

During your River Walk meander you may happen across a new wattle fence on the upstream section. Built of aspen, cherry, and sumac this fence was the culmination of an Eagle Scout project which began back in July. The Boyscout that became an Eagle Scout was a youth named Dan from a Troop in Lee, MA. To accomplish the project he had to source materials, recruit his friends and fellow scouts, and organize the project's development. In the end, the Troop contributed 46 hours to the project. His project report can be found below: 

We met at the Greenagers HQ, April Hill, where we organized and gathered our fence material. We spent about two hours cutting and trimming tree saplings to fill the truck bed. Some of the leftover brush will be dried out and used as sheep fodder. We then drove to River Walk and put the weave together. The fence delineates an access path, holds soil to prevent erosion, and adds to the overall aesthetic, rustic look of River Walk.  

The patrons and stewards of the River Walk are proud of the work, overjoyed to have helped a Boyscout become an Eaglescout, and thankful to the Troop as a whole. Hopefully there are many more River Walk Eaglescout projects to come! 

See photos of this great volunteer project!

Elia Del Molino, Conservation Director - Greenagers and GBLC Board of Directors.

Eagle Scouts volunteer at Housatonic River Walk in Great Barrington, MA.