2024 June Work Party Pitches in for a Healthy Woodland at Lake Mansfield

On Saturday June 1st, 2024, 17 Volunteers worked to contribute a total of 57 hours to help keep the verdent woodland adjacent to Lake Mansfield a healthy habitat for native plant species. Some of our team have volunteered many times before, some were new volunteers wanting to lend a hand. It is amazing to see how much can be done when we join up to do good work. 

What a Work Party at Lake Mansfield! SAT May 18th 2024

On Saturday, May 18th 2024 and intrepid group of 16 volunteers put in a total of 36 work hours in the Lake Mansfield Conservation Forest:

- Removed invasive plants (garlic mustard and burning bush)

- Trimmed and top dressed the Christian Hill Trail Entrance 

SEE PHOTOS: Lake Mansfield Volunteer Work Day 1 (May 2024)

If you missed this opportunity to pitch in, don't worry! Just sign up now for our next work party: