2023 Boat Launch Improvements Accomplished!

 Dale Abrams led a sturdy group of volunteers on the work at the boat launch to improve the lakeside habitat and make it more inviting for visitors. 

With permission from the DPW and Conservation Commission, the team shifted the large kiosk, moved boulders to happier places, installed coir logs to prevent runoff of new soil into the lake, regraded and tamped fresh topsoil, spread grass seed and then and covered the area with burlap to prevent erosion while seeds germinate. 

Check out the photos to see how an enormous amount of fun was had by All!

Rescued 80 year old Turtle Enki Could Not Wait to Get Back to Lake Mansfield

The habitat at Lake Mansfield hosts a enormous variety of wildlife. Snapping turtles are frequently seen swimming in the lake and laying their eggs at the shoreline. Improvements coming to the lake this year will improve the water quality and shoreline habitat for many animal species including reptiles, amphibians and mammals.  Read hear about a successful rescue of an injured turtle at Lake Mansfield.

Nov 1st: Lake Mansfield: Road Closures ahead for vehicles and pedestrians. Great Barrington Moves forward with Lake Mansfield improvements.

The extensive improvement work at Lake Mansfield has begun. Please plan for road closure and changes in walking routes as needed. 


The Lake Mansfield project is getting under way, and Lake Mansfield Road will close Monday, Nov. 6 to make way for construction and improvements.

The projects consists of culvert replacements, recreational improvements and parking improvements, and Lake Mansfield Road will become a walking path that is closed to traffic, except for a driveways serving a couple properties on north end and for emergency use.

GBLC Hosts Naturalist Arianna Alexsandra Collins to Teach About Wild Edibles

On Saturday, June 3, Great Barrington Land Conservancy hosted naturalist and wild edibles enthusiast Arianna Alexsandra Collins at Lake Mansfield to teach participants about wild edible and medicinal flora. She covered plants you can find on a lawn such as Plantain, White Clover, Red Clover, and Dandelion.  She also went over shrubs such as Lilac and Multiflora Rose, and wetland plants such as Cattails. Walking into the Conservation Forest we learned about Wood Nettle, Garlic Mustard, Eastern Hemlock, Black Birch, and White Pine.