Celebrate spring! River Walk is there for you!

River Walk is open for 2021. Come enjoy the trail! The river is running high and spring is just beginning to emerge. Although our native trees are still leafless, the buds of red maples are swelling and the upper branches of willow trees are erupting into a vibrant yellow. It’s a great time to tune into early spring changes when walking with friends and family. Before you hit the trail, print out The Red Flags of Spring free identification guide by Berkshire Family Hikes (as well as a refreshing recipe for Sumac Lemonade).
We hope that you will enjoy this week’s featured Russ Cohen videos (filmed on July 29, 2020) before rambling along the trail to get an insider scoop on the plants that you will begin to encounter this spring. Russ has some surprising tips for many of us who are dealing with persistently stubborn invasive plant species. Foraging is a helpful tool that can help us to create a balanced and healthy ecosystem. 

To see last week's videos, check out our Edible Native Plants in the Wild and at Home blog post.

We think you'll find this series an exciting way to be a part of our local ecosystem! 

-Christine Ward, Project Director


Part 3 Staghorn Sumac, Black Birch, Chokecherry & Hawthorn trees


Part 4: Knotweed & Dame's Rocket – Invasive Plants That People Can Nibble On



Russ Cohen leads virtual edible wild plant tours along River Walk in Great Barrington