Native Seed Success At River Walk

River Walk October 1, 2021

Dr. Fred Conforti, father of River Walk intern, Olivia Conforti, volunteered to cultivate select native seeds carefully gathered in 2019. Here is Olivia's account of this effort:

"For the workers of the River Walk, the seed collection at the end of the year is one of the most important events. We collect the seeds from our River Walk plants that are native to the Berkshires and that are especially suited for River Walk’s environment. When these seeds are initially collected it usually falls on the shoulders of one or two regulars to propogate them for future plantings. In the spring of 2021 a volunteer from the community, Dr. Fred Conforti, offered his services as a host for some of these seeds. He was presented with the overwintered seeds of Wreath Goldenrod, Thimbleweed and Schreber’s Aster. Fred germinated these seeds, and over time and they grew into beautiful little first year plants that have been transplanted the beds near the upstream parking lot of the River Walk."

Photo: Here Fred is pictured with his daughter Olivia basking in the completion of their work of finally transplanting Fred's seedlings .

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River Walk Native Seed Starting Volunteer, Fred Conforti