Lake Mansfield Road Construction Resumes April 8; Pedestrian Walkway Will Temporarily Close

3.27.24 information updated with new '24 start date

The chorus of Red-winged Blackbird is like a call to Action: It's Just Spring, the world is Mud - Luscious, time to get outside!
But be aware that the ambitious Improvement Construction will be resuming at Lake Mansfield, please read the following PSA from town planner Chris Rembold, and remember to honor closures so that this important work can be completely safely and promptly. 

After a brief winter shutdown, construction work on improvements to the Lake Mansfield area will resume on April 8th.

The upcoming work phase for the Lake Mansfield Comprehensive Improvements project includes:

  •     Removing the roadway between the boat launch and beach area;
  •     Improving drainage under the old road;
  •     Creating a new, planted lake-edge buffer zone;
  •     Paving the parking lot;
  •     Replacing the vehicular road with a paved pedestrian path.

Portions of Lake Mansfield Road are already closed to vehicles, but beginning in March the lake edge will be closed to walking and biking during construction.

“People should be aware that the road along the lake will not be usable by pedestrians this spring,” said Mark Pruhenski, town manager. “This will be a few months of disruption so that contractors can work safely and efficiently. You will not be able to walk from the boat launch northwards until this phase is completed.”
Most work is expected to be completed by July 1, depending on weather. Most of the new tree planting and landscaping work is scheduled to occur in the fall, when it is seasonally optimal for planting.

The Lake Mansfield improvements are designed to protect the water quality and the habitat of the area, provide handicapped accessibility throughout the recreation area, and improve the safety for everyone who uses it, according to Christopher Rembold, assistant town manager and director of planning and community development.

He added, “The area will look much different to folks when it reopens–cars will only be able to enter from the north, and the circulation will be different. But it will be much safer for people, and it will be a vast improvement for the long term health of the lake.”

Contractors have accomplished much of the rough work near the parking lot, which included enlarging the lot at the beach area, installing rain gardens and other stormwater management features to prevent runoff contamination of the Lake.

Also, a larger culvert has been installed to prevent flooding of the road at the lake’s outlet.

South of the beach, the existing vehicle road along the lake edge will be replaced with a paved path for walkers and bicyclists. Only emergency vehicles will be permitted to use this portion of the road.

The lake edge will be replanted to provide stormwater filtration and a stabilized bank.

Anyone with questions may contact or (413) 528-1619 ext. 2401.

Lake Mansfield Park & road are closed as improvement work continues.


Red-winged Blackbird sings as improvement work at Lake Mansfield resumes.