A Call to Action for Lake Mansfield

At the Great Barrington Town Meeting held on Monday, June 22, 2020, the community voted to support the community preservation committee grant of $120,000 that will fund the engineering of Lake Mansfield Road.

This Thursday (June 25th) at the continuation of the town meeting, a petition will be presented that calls for the immediate return of Lake Mansfield Road to a 2-way road as an attempt to override the Selectboard’s endorsement of the Lake Mansfield Improvement plan. For more information about Lake Mansfield Road improvements, please read "Moving Ahead at Lake Mansfield." 


A call to action— Sign and share this petition: We the undersigned value Lake Mansfield as a unique and treasured community recreation area and vital natural habitat.

Come to Thursday’s town meeting (June 25th at 6PM at Monument Mountain High School).


The Town will use the CPC grant to engineer solutions to stabilize the lake edge along the road, mitigate stormwater runoff, and replace the road with a new recreational path and emergency vehicle access. This process will include community meetings and regular reporting to the Selectboard and Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force. These plans will enable the Town to successfully compete for grants to construct these improvements.  
Since 2007, Great Barrington Land Conservancy has provided strong stewardship for this treasured space through our project Lake Mansfield Alliance. As you well know, Lake Mansfield is a recreational gem for residents and visitors in our Town. We need your support to continue efforts to restore and rehabilitate the park area. The Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force has worked for over 10 years to systematically make improvements that will protect the water quality of the lake and provide safe access to recreational opportunities that are so essential to our well-being as a community.  

YOU can make a difference: 

Over 500 people have signed on in support of Lake Mansfield in just one week, can you help us reach 1000 by this Thursday?

Christine Ward, Project Director

Lake Mansfield people