National Trails Day Hike on the A.T. - Young Members (20s/30s & Young-at-Heart)

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Young hikers are invited to join in on this rigorous A.T. hike celebrating National Trails Day / FREE

For folks in their twenties, thirties, and young at heart ....

Co-sponsors: AMC / GBLC-GB Trails / Ma DCR


We'll begin this moderate to strenuous hike on the Benedict Pond loop trail in Beartown State Forest and will quickly connect to the A.T. and travel south, crossing Lake Buel Brook to Lake Buel Road where we will begin our ascent of East Mountain. We'll see deciduous and hemlock forests, and we'll go through Ice Glen, a deep fissure in the rocks where snow persists even into the warmer months. At Tom Leonard Shelter we will enjoy great views and a chance for lunch, then we will continue through the upland forest to more East Mountain viewing sites. Finally our hike will take us down a rocky slope to Homes Rd. Once we reach the end, we will drive back up to Beartown State Forest to our cars.

Registration is required, contact Nicole Dewberry

Dogs are allowed if they always get along well with all other dogs and all people.

Difficulty: Be prepared for a strenuous hike. There are two good climbs on this hike, with significant elevation change. The total distance is approximately 7 miles. We will hike at approximately 1.5 mph (faster on the flat sections and slower uphill). Rating: B3B (B = 5-8 miles, 3 = moderate pace of 1.5-2mph, B = strenuous). Information about the hike rating system

Afterward: Everyone is invited to stop in for a snack or early dinner at The Marketplace Kitchen Table, 240 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA.  menu

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Young hikers (twenties, thirties, and young at heart) are invited to the Appalachain Trail Hike in Great Barrington MA on National Trails Day 2019