Lake Mansfield - exercise, nature, observation, meditation, poetry!

Daily rambles can be essential to happy days, no matter what the weather! 

This morning, Lily was delighted to find Lake Mansfield Road ready for all walkers to enjoy! 

Later she slipped into the snow-filled forest to enjoy the quiet loveliness! 

Her companion was whispering a poem that makes for a lovely moving meditation: 


When All the World is Full of Snow

I never know
Just where to go,
When all the world
Is full of snow.

I do not want
To make a track,
Not even
To the shed and back.

I only want
To watch and wait,
While snow moths settle
On the gate,

And swarming frost flakes
Fill the trees
With billions
Of albino bees.

I only want
Myself to be
As silent as
A winter tree,

To hear the swirling
Stillness grow,
When all the world
Is full of snow.

By N.M. Bodecker

Winter walk with Lily at Lake Mansfield